We are your Pit Crew

Imagine in life, your very own private coach and a professional team behind you. You are the F1 driver of your game, EPM your pit crew, there for your every need, fighting to keep you at the top. Keep you winning. The penultimate sports star.

Matt Bressons

Founder & Director
RUPA Reg Agent
FFA Reg Intermediary

Matt Bressons boasts Australian and Italian heritage, he was born in Melbourne and completed a Business Studies degree in Manchester (UK). As a professional rugby player, Matt represented Italy for over a decade including two junior World Cups as well as Italy 7s on the IRB circuit.

Matt has more than eight years’ experience in sports management with a specific focus on rugby and soccer. With extensive international experience as an athlete, Matt prides himself on his ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of players and he also brings extensive sporting and business networks to the business. Fluent in Italian and Spanish, Matt is passionate about helping players live their dream and ensuring their long term future is secure.

p: +61 435 777 723   what’s app: +61 413 827 506  e: matt@eliteplayermanagement.com.au

Makesi Stowers

Director EPM Australia / Client Manager

Born in New Zealand with strong Samoan heritage, Mak comes from a long line of international players who have represented both New Zealand and Samoa. Mak has played rugby for Rebels Rising in the National Rugby Championships as well as Hong Kong and

Melbourne University. Mak has a strong community focus and specialises in building lasting relationships based on his vast experience as a professional player.

p: +61 432 339 573   e: mak@eliteplayermanagement.com.au

James Waygood

Commercial Manager and Director

James comes from the rugby nursery Churchie, in Brisbane. He has played top grade rugby and coached premier grade in Melbourne after many years coaching at Churchie, excelling with a more nurturing approach. He is passionate about all sports and has won multiple premierships as both a player and coach. He has vast connections in the sporting world, especially in the fields of rugby, cricket, tennis, basketball, swimming and athletics.

He has an exceptional business acumen, having managed Conveyancing Works and Slater & Gordon in Brisbane before owning and running Ozifresh in Melbourne for the past 6 years. He has a natural eye for talent and has always had a unique ability to relate to all people, proven through his vast network of business connections.

James’s dream has always been to help young athletes achieve their potential. With EPM this dream becomes a reality.

p: +61 421 929 463  e: james@eliteplayermanagement.com.au

Andrea Teodorini

International Client Manager

Born and raised in Italy where he played rugby from the age of seven, Andrea moved to Australia in 2014 and now calls Melbourne home. Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, clear communication and transparency are Andrea’s strong points. Priorities for him are understanding the needs of the players and helping them achieve long and successful careers. Andrea has a sound knowledge of both the Northern and Southern hemisphere rugby and he will put his expertise at his clients’ disposal to assist them in their career path.

Andrea is responsible for the identification and recruitment of young talent both in Italy & Australasia as well as developing & maintaining strong relations with Italian clubs.

p: +61 431 279 899    e: Andrea@eliteplayermanagement.com.au

Laurence Finn

EPM UK Director and Client Manager

Originally from England but growing up in South Africa Laurence is a product of South African rugby’s golden years. Possessing a strong rugby and business background in both countries, with an extensive black book of contacts who prove invaluable when it comes to sourcing opportunities for our clients worldwide.

Laurence has strong rugby/Business connections having Co-founded the Nelson Mandela Bay Sevens taking it from a drawing board to become Africa’s largest participation event – and after five years won IRB World Series status. Laurence’s love of sport combined with his passion and drive as well as his first-hand experience make him and invaluable asset to our EPM TEAM.

p: +44 7935 230225    e: laurence@eliteplayermanagement.com.au

Alejandro Moreno

EPM Argentina 
Head of operations and development

Alejandro needs little introduction, to anybody that has followed European rugby in recent years.  Having enjoyed over a decade of success in France Top14, English Premiership and European cup its safe to say Alejandro is both respected and connected. Fluent in Italian & Spanish whilst speaking basic French communication is one of Alejandro’s strong points.

Currently based in Argentina Alejandro is full time rugby which is his passion in life along with his family. Alejandro not only heads EPM Argentina and is in charge of identifying talent but also coaches for one of the top regional sides in Argentina. Alejandro provides the clients and the team with invaluable experience and knowledge knowing exactly what is required to ensure our clients can focus on what they do best.

p: +54 9 298 433-7581   e: Ale@eliteplayermangement.com.au

Eldon Smith

Head of African Football Operations

Eldon Smith is a qualified CAF youth football coach who specialises in position specific training and is the owner of the A Plus Soccer School, based in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa. After 4 seasons in the South African second division, Eldon took up coaching at a fairly young age, and now dedicates his time to creating opportunities for young talented individuals through an international client base.

The young coach adopts elite youth and senior players, providing them with high performance and position specific training – which will increase their chances of pursuing the sport at a professional level. Eldon is perfectly placed when it comes to not only spotting talent but providing young players with the advice and guidance they need to give them every opportunity to succeed on and off the pitch.

p: +27 (71) 875-5313‬    e: eldon@eliteplayermanagement.com.au

Mago Maghet

Italian Client Manager

Mago who comes from Senegalese decent but was brought up in the rugby mad town of Viadana in Northern Italy. Mago has a natural eye for talent and an ability to relate with people. Fluent in Italian and French and having played both soccer and rugby as a young man growing up Mago has maintained strong personal relations with teammates and fellow sportsmen alike.

Mago represents EPM on the ground over in Italy and is a trusted point of reference to all our clients plying their trade over there.

p: +39 333 810 8692   e: mago@eliteplayermanagement.com.au

PierPaolo Prudente

Italian Commercial Manager

PierPaolo is responsible for commercial opportunities for EPM in Italy. Pier Paolo has worked in the commercial sector for a number of years and has a reputation for working with integrity and drive always striving to maximize opportunities for our clients ensuring they get the very best.

p: +39 393 2179367 e: Pier@eliteplayermanagement.com.au

Andrew Fonoti

Client Liaison/ Talent Scout

Andrew was born in New Zealand to Samoan parents and that’s where his love for rugby and all sports comes from… his heritage. Based in Brisbane, Australia and coming through renowned sporting school Nudgee College, Andrew is a key point of contact there for our athletes. 

An enthusiastic leader who is optimistic, flexible and people orientated with a strong focus on service and performance. With a background in finance and law Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge with him and is committed to delivering excellent customer and client service in order to achieve favourable outcomes for his clients. 

Andrew provides invaluable guidance and support to young players in order to give them every opportunity of achieving their goals and dreams.

p: +61 413 278 816

Filipe Rayasi

Head of operations & Player Development

With a strong background in the sports management and Player development industries, Filipe is perfectly placed to assist in the identification and recruitment of New Zealand based talents. With a decade of experience playing rugby in Japan at the highest level having played Super Rugby for the crusaders, Filipe’s experience, Languages and contacts across the New Zealand & Japanese rugby landscape prove to be be extremely beneficial to the agency.

p: +64 21 029 45107 e: Filipe@eliteplayermanagement.com.au

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