Our Story

After 10-years of professional rugby, Matt Bressons had seen it all from a players perspective (the good, the bad and the ugly).

Matt wanted to see change, he wanted to build a sports agency that understood not only the on-field player club relationship, but an agency that had a key “Point Of Difference”

EPM pride ourselves on our player welfare, and helping the player build a off-field game plan. This includes assist players to explore work experience, further studies and helping those players with entrepreneurial ideas find mentors, training and finance. We also help players with bank accounts, professional accounting and tax advice, preparation of a will, career ending insurance, professional investment advice, and we even help the players partners find work.

Team Ethos

A happy player off the field, makes a better player on the field !

Our Promise

  • Communication: We pride ourselves on frequent communication
  • Ethical: We offer the player good advice, which is in the players best interest-
  • Feedback: It is important that the player receives honest feedback from clubs
  • Diligent: Strong work ethic, negotiating deals for our clients
  • Equality: We treat all our clients equally
  • Fun: Teamwork needs to be fun


Elite Player Management Partners

For The Player, By The Player

Making a positive change for players through education!