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We must be the best, because thats what it means to us to represent you. Your success is our success.

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Quality advice from experienced people with over 200 years of combined experience at the top of their chosen field, of their game.

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Your Success is our Success! Social Media, Marketing and Financial Management for athletes across our global network.

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Why you should choose EPM

Elite Player Management (EPM) is the exciting new player on the world stage of professional athlete management.

EPM brings real experience at all levels of athlete management across all disciplines of sport and all backed by a suite of professional services designed to support you throughout every step, twist and turn of your professional sporting career.

The life of an athlete can bring many challenges, we can never know what the odds are of success or if they are stacked in our favour. It is even harder when you are a true professional, whether it is because of others vying for your position, or because of injuries, or because you may be approaching your peak, holding your spot is a tenure likened to walking a tight rope, controlled by skill, luck, timing, connections and of course you.

Your professional life can pass very quickly when you are at the top, even for the best of the best.

Everything that you do must have an end game in mind.

And with that you will need a game plan.

Elite Player Management will take care of…

Sourcing & Negotiating Player Contracts

Financial Management

Rehab, Strength & Conditioning

Sponsorships & Endorsements

Sourcing & Negotiating Player Contracts

See them in action

Sports management just went next level

For you

Starting from the very first blow of the whistle, from the firing of the starters gun, we are there, preparing you for the next phase of your game of life, capitalising on the opportunities for you as they present themselves both during your professional years and after we ‘hang up the boots’, ‘put the cue back in the rack’, or ‘touch the wall’ that one last time.

EPM have you covered in every way, from your Playing Contracts, Brand management, Marketing and IP, all will form part of the foundation that we will build on together, for your future success.

EPM does it all

Then there are the ‘little matters’ of setting your future up, Tax and Asset protection structuring, managing your money, financial advice, mentoring, budgeting, debt and investment structuring, Property Buyers advocacy, all there to ensure you build your financial assets wisely.

Then comes the Career guidance, Continuing education and Job placement.

We truely become the quiet support team behind you, the hidden team that the crowd never sees.

We don’t stop there

We also understand the pitfalls of when the game is over, we have the best there is when it is needed the most, when many of the greatest athletes will experience a time where direction and purpose is uncertain. We are ready for everything. We have your back.

It is what coaches do best when it is ‘game on’.

Both on and off the field

Client Testimonials

“I enjoy working with EPM they are always looking out for my personal interests both on and off the field making sure I can focus 100% on my rugby. EPM is the next level of sports management and I’m happy to have them in my corner.”

Johan Meyer

“I enjoy working with the EPM team. EPM are great at what they do and true to their word they genuinely go that extra step for me and my family which allows me to fully focus on my rugby 100%. It’s good to have you in my corner.”

Fereti Saaga- Melbourne Rebels 

“EPM are reliable and always available when I need them. I fell really good knowing that i have EPM on my side and i look forward to the journey ahead.”

Feao Fotuaika – Queensland Reds 

“Matt & the EPM team have provided me with the support i needed when i needed it the most having been out of the game through injury Matt was always providing me with positive feedback and support which was refreshing as its good to know someone has your back in the good times and the bad. Open and transparent in all forms of communication gives me the peace of mind to focus all my efforts on the field.”

Leonardo Sarto – Leicester Tigers

“EPM are more than an agency they are like a family for me. I am delighted to have them behind me and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Cherif Traore – Benetton Treviso 

“I am proud to have EPM & Matt Bressons as my manager. They make me feel valued and appreciated. Genuine people who are always on hand when i need them.”

Leonardo Krumov – Zebre Rugby 

Every athlete has a dream.
A vision. A belief.

To stand on their own podium, to hold their own gold. To be the best. To be recognised as the best.

You are that athlete, you are that winner.

That is a proven fact because you are where you are.

You train with a plan to win.

You are totally focused, totally committed, driven with minimal distractions, with your eye on the ball at all times.

You don’t want distractions.

The same disciplines must be adhered to in life, on or off the field, in or out of the pool on or off the track.

A life long plan.

At EPM, Our goal is simple, create that game plan, the strategy for life. To do that, we will manage you, your career and everything else that comes from what you do. Just like being in the real game, we are there at every phase of play, at the breakdown, guiding, calling the moves, when you are thrown a high ball, we are there, in the rucks and in the mauls we are there, and when you make the breaks in the game of life, we will be right there with you.

EPM’s unique style of play is designed around taking the talent you have created, what you have worked so hard for, what you have given everything for, every sacrifice above all else to be where you are now and turn it into something real, something tangible, something long lasting.

We do this behind the scenes while allowing you to remain totally focused on your game.

Elite Player Management is proud to announce our strategic alliance with Wealth Arena.


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