about elite player management

Over 200 years of combined experience

Our people have all been carefully selected in the EPM team for the true value that they can bring to the EPM athlete.

Quality advice from experienced people with over 200 years of combined experience at the top of their chosen field, of their game.

Many have played themselves at the elite level, if not in your game, certainly in theirs.

Professional, qualified, passionate

Our people are qualified, professional people who come carrying their own ‘jerseys of success’ in their chosen fields, economics, legal, IP, accounting, recruitment and financial services backgrounds, Masters in physiology, human movement, nutrition and medicine to name but a few.

Only the best pull on the EPM jersey.

Together, EPM, are a winning formula, a force unified, a champion team.

We must be the best, because thats what it means to us to represent you.

Your success is our success.

We never assume or take it for granted.

It is the EPM way.

Elite Player Management Partners

For the players, by the players.

We are a NEXT LEVEL Talent, Sport & Brand Management that are more than just "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"